CoVetLab has been instrumental in the formation of several European networks:

The former Med-Vet-Net websiteMed-Vet-Net - A European Network of Excellence working for the prevention and control of zoonoses and foodborne diseases. Med-Vet-Net was funded through the EU Sixth Framework Programme and came to an end in October 2009.


Med-Vet-Net AssociationMed-Vet-Net Association – took over from Med-Vet-Net to co-ordinate, capitalize and disseminate scientific knowledge or research on zoonoses with the main emphasis on food borne zoonoses as well as advocacy towards European stakeholders.


EPIZONE websiteEPIZONE - A European Network of Excellence for epizootic disease diagnosis and control to improve research on preparedness, prevention, detection and control of epizootic diseases by improvement of excellence through integration and collaboration while taking into account the public health concerns of consumers and other stakeholders throughout the food chain. The network was funded by the EU Sixth Framework Programme.


EAVLD websiteEuropean Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians (EAVLD) - a non-profit, independent association that aims to improve veterinary and public health by providing a platform for communication among veterinary laboratory diagnosticians and to promote the highest standards in European veterinary laboratories.


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